Surrounding Communities

Gander, NL is located only 22 kilometer's from Glenwood. While staying at Misty River Cottages you can visit Gander daily to do shopping, site seeing, or to enjoy a nice meal at one of the many restaurants. Gander has two malls, the "Fraser Mall", located on Airport Blvd. and the "Gander Mall" located on Bennett Dr. In these malls you are sure find what you are looking for. Gander also has a Wal-Mart store located on Roe Ave. When you have your shopping and browsing done and are wondering where to get something to eat, Gander has your choice of, fast food, home-style, Asian or fine dining restaurants. If you are looking for some nightlife out on the town, Gander has a couple dance bars, pubs and lounges, and bars that feature live music too. If you like history or scenic parks come visit the following places around Gander; Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery (3.5 km east of Gander), The Silent Witnesses Memorial (Apr. 4 km east of Gander), Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest (informal, outdoor interpretive site), Little Harbour Marina (3.5 miles of fresh water for boating, picnic and barbeque facilities on site), the Aviation Museum (located when you first enter Gander on TCH) also, there are airport historic displays at the Gander airport for viewing.


(Approximately 30 km from Glenwood.) Lewisporte is a smaller community than Gander. Lewisporte is the connector to Labrador by boat or ferry. There is a small mall located on Main Street Lewisporte. When entering Lewisporte there is a beautiful Train Park. The old train at this park used to run through Lewisporte and Glenwood years ago. Today the tracks are used for outdoor activities such as quad rides during the summer and ski-doo rides in the winter. Many people go for walks along these tracks too. During the summer months you can also rent out horses at the train park and go for a horseback ride on the tracks. There is a nice park in Lewisporte called, Sunset Hideaway Park. At this park you can go swimming, rent paddleboats and more. The park is located by Woolfery's Pond, which has a boardwalk going all the way around the pond. At different sections of the boardwalk you will come across benches and trails leading up to lookouts that give an excellent view of the whole town and harbour. Lewisporte also has many nice places to eat, including fast food, home-style, Asian and Fine dining restaurants.