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Things To Do While Staying With Us

(Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer) Since we are open all year round there are endless activities to do while staying with us. First, why not take pleasure in the beautiful scenery that nature provides for you. We are located next to the old rail bed that runs through Glenwood, so nature is literally at your back door. The old rail bed is a good place to take a nature walk during all seasons. Also, this trail is used by the public for, snowmobile and ATV rides. Glenwood and area provides excellent terrain for these outdoor activities. During the winter months there are groomed trails for snowmobile usage.

Whenever you are using the tracks don't forget to bring your camera with you because you are certain to spot something you'll never want to forget. Misty River Cottages are just a minute away from the Gander River, which is one of the largest rivers in Newfoundland. Therefore, you should take your fishing rod and spend a day trying for a fish. Or, if you want to shop or go to a movie theater we are only 22 km from Gander. (To learn more things to do in Gander, go to the section named "Surrounding Communities".)

When the day comes to an end and you want to spend a peaceful night at the cabin, you can sit and enjoy a relaxing fire in the outdoor fire pit provided for you. Also, located next to Misty River Cottages is, The Moose Head Lounge, this is a fine place to have a social drink and meet new people. Also, one of our cottages is complete with Internet access. So you can bring along your laptop and check your email while staying with us.